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IRS Advocate Services Can Help Taxpayers with Common IRS Tax Problems

An IRS advocate is a professional or company that assists individuals and businesses with their tax problems.  Whether the problem is an audit or years of unfilled income tax returns, an IRS advocate will be able to assist you with questions and eventually solutions. 

Why hire an IRS advocate?

The main reason taxpayers choose to hire an IRS advocate rather than solve their own tax issues is that the IRS tax code is long and confusing.  There are many regulations that common people do not understand that an individual who has studied the tax code and works daily in tax related matters would be able to assist with in a more expedited fashion.  Hiring an IRS advocate is something that will save you time and money.  Even though services may cost a lot, in the end, the IRS collection actions would cost you much more should you remain non-compliant.

What are IRS tax collections?

Taxpayers who owe the IRS income tax debt should contact an IRS advocate immediately because delays in resolving such matters can be costly and even ruin lives.  The IRS will first send several notices of the debt and eventually a notice of a tax lien.  When a lien is placed on a delinquent taxpayers, the IRS “holds” their assets and accounts for thirty days waiting for a payment of the debt.  If the taxpayer does not pay, or does not take necessary steps to resolve the issues with the federal government, the IRS will begin collections.  IRS levies can include seizure of homes and cars, bank accounts, retirement accounts and even wage garnishment.  Contacting an IRS advocate before these actions take place can help to ensure that none of these harsh steps are taken against you.

Is an IRS advocate a lawyer?

Some lawyers and law firms handle tax matters, but many IRS advocates are not lawyers and do not provide legal counsel.  IRS advocates cannot represent customers before courts or in any litigation proceedings.  This does not mean that some IRS advocates are not lawyers, because they are and they can also be CPAs and enrolled agents.  An IRS advocate is a professional who focuses on assisting taxpayers who need to deal directly with the IRS.

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